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Hey Guys,

We just finished publishing the first comic based on the Legacy of the Roras!

The Shadow of Aquaterra Issue 01 will be available on Amazon (digital edition) this week! The first issue chronicles the meeting of Elegan and Jesse after the treacherous hooded man hunts down Jesse’s parents. It’s the first of many more comics to come, check it out!


1 Year Anniversary Trailer!

Enjoy the new trailer celebrating the one year Anniversary of Publication!

Williams Book Store!

“Legacy of the Roras” is now available at Williams Book Store in San Pedro!! Go check it out Pedro people!!


The LEGACY OF THE RORAS is now available to purchase!

Cover Summary

JESSE PULLMEN lived a quiet life with his adopted father, Councilor Elegan Pullmen, in the hidden oceanic city of Aquaterra. Along with his friend Helbit Massic, Jesse spent his days exploring the hidden city while dreaming of life in the world above. 

The people of Aquaterra had been banished beneath the sea by the fierce Restil race hundreds of years before, during an invasion that also destroyed the ancient protectors of their world, the Roras.

Little did Jesse suspect that a chance meeting with a young woman named Jenn Verecy would start a chain of events that would reveal his own Rora heritage and drastically alter the fate of Aquaterra.

For Jenn was the keeper of a mighty Prophecy that could free the people of Aquaterra from their ancient prison, and provide its heroes with the necessary steps to repel their enemies.

Now Jesse must find a way to protect Jenn even as he begins training under the watchful eyes of a mysterious Rora named Therin. But even as Jesse’s strength grows, powerful beings are on the move, aware of the Prophecy and desperate to claim it for their own purposes.

It will take all of Jesse’s newfound abilities to deliver this Prophecy to its intended recipient and finally begin the journey beyond the dome of Aquaterra to face the enemy above.

Collected here is the complete tale of Jesse, Helbit, Jenn and their desperate quest through Aquaterra and beyond. A mission to free their people from the tyrannical grip of the Restils, and restore their world to its rightful inhabitants.